Note: I am not currently teaching English 11.  This class is archived.

Course Name: English 11 American Literature   Course Number: 0313  

English 11 surveys the development of the literature of the United States from its pre-colonial beginning through the present time, emphasizing major writers and their works in relation to the following historical periods: Puritanism, Rationalism, Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Realism, Naturalism, Modernism, and the contemporary movement. The literary styles and genres of the major literary movements will be studied. Readings will be derived from a variety of sources, including required novels and plays. Several literary selections will emphasize cultural diversity. Students will analyze literature through discussion and writing. A variety of learning techniques and student-centered activities involving oral communication, critical thinking, peer editing, collaboration, prewriting, drafting, and revision will be used. Reading and writing will be treated as interrelated processes in the study of the American experience.

Course Content

Course Objectives:

  • Students will read non-fiction texts, such as documents, memoirs, etc.
  • Students will read and be able to interpret an author’s point of view and purpose.
  • Students will be able to recognize language used to influence and manipulate.
  • Students will write analytical interpretations of texts. Interpretation will include a thesis and quoted evidence to support the analysis.
  • Students will complete a variety of formative assessments that may include personal responses to literature & informational texts, as well as creative writing experiences from a variety of genres (poetry, fictional journal entries, letters, drama, short stories, etc.) Assessments may be in/formal.
  • Students will be encouraged to read both fiction and informational texts outside of the classroom that may enhance class discussions.
  • Students will complete 8-10 summative assessments per semester on which their semester grade will be based.

Essential Standards:

Common Core State Standards are available on the Indiana Department of Education website at (Links to an external site.).

Required Text and/or Supplemental Readings and Materials:

  • The Language of Literature
  • A variety of novels and informational texts

Course Feed

  • Announcement: Agenda for 2 June, 2017
    Good morning, all.   1.  According to the PHS Final Exam Schedule, the G3 class will be taking your final in this class. The G2 section take the test on Tuesday. 2.  Did you catch this news item? Sad. Please respond here. 3.  A closer look at MLK's Letter. Please take notes here. 4.  HW: get a good night's sleep; revise your essay when you get it back, and resubmit.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 31 May, 2017
    Good morning, all. Hope you had a restful three day weekend.  In this short week, we have but a little time to prepare for our final exam.  Here is a start: 1. Letter from Birmingham Jail- resource#1: resource #2 2. Into the Wild -see annotated text in class
  • Announcement: Agenda for 26 May, 2017
    Good morning.  As we wrap up this last full week of school (Woah!), please make these final preparations for Tuesday, June 6th. 1. Don't forget your rhetorical devices glossary.  With a partner, please complete the following studies in preparation for your final exam: 2. Letter from Birmingham Jail (audio, text version, your notes on the reading) 3. A Rose For Emily (audio, your notes on the reading) 4. Richard Cory (audio, your notes on the reading, our notes) 5. Chicago (audio, your notes on the reading) 6. An EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY for you if you turned in your essay "on time."
  • Announcement: Agenda for 24 May, 2017
    1. 27 of 49 students turned in the Into the Wild Essay; that's 55%.  I hate to start the day with bad news, but we have to work to fix that. 2. Work to Fix that in this morning's peer review session a. Peer Review Survey b. In the margins, please offer comments. Take a full page screen shot after you are done. 3. A look at Walt McCandless, Richard Cory, and the City of Chicago 4. HW: read and annotate Letter from Birmingham Jail.  
  • Announcement: Agenda for 22 May, 2017
    Happy Monday, all. The order of the day is as follows: 1. Midnight deadline looms for this assignment. 2. Richard Cory and Walt McCandless...hmmm..... Literary Terms: irony, theme, shift (in poetry), tone, stanza Vocabulary: fate 3. Please read Dr. Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail." Literary Terms: biblical allusion Vocabulary: affluent, ominous, paradoxical, segregation, statute, civil disobedience
  • Announcement: Agenda for 18 May, 2017
    1. Your writing du jour      a. planning and sketching out (Into the Wild Progress)      b. drafting 2. Chapter 11-Walt McCandless & fathers and sons 3.  Richard Cory (Screenshot_2017-05-18-08-14-37.png)      a. Final Exam Prep:             -Literary Terms: irony, theme, shift (in poetry), tone, stanza            -Vocabulary: fate    
  • Announcement: Agenda for 16 May, 2017
    Now that we have squared on your choice of three writing prompts, please respond to this discussion before you leave class today.  Good luck! -Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for 8 May, 2017
    Good morning, kiddos.  Hope you had a great weekend. Here is our work for the day: 1. Please take this survey. 2. On the path... let's brainstorm this. 3. Everett Ruess in Davis Gulch Discussion
  • Announcement: Announcement April 26, 2017
    Hey Kiddos! Here's the agenda for class today. 1. Set up your about page2. Look at the Letter to Ronald Franz3. Class discussion
  • Announcement: Use an Image to make your post more interesting
    Here is a screenshot of Carine McCandless on Youtube. I will post more images to this folder for your use.  
  • Announcement: Announcement April 24th, 2016
    Hey Kiddos! I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Here's the agenda for today's class. Just a reminder, we should all have read up to chapter 16 of Into the Wild by this Friday.    1. Open up to your blog page and write about your weekend. What did you do? Where did you go? How did you feel? Be as descriptive as possible! 2. Watch a ted talk featuring Carine McCandless. This is Chris's sister and shares her perspective on Chris's life, disappearance,  and legacy. As you watch, think about how if you were in Carine McCandless's shoes, how much of the truth would you feel comfortable sharing with the world? 3. Class Discussion 4. Write a blog post that answers the question that Carine McCandless raises. Does your DNA define you? How do you feel about the family secrets that Carine decides to expose? 5. Take a full page screen shot of your blog and submit it for points for today's class. Download this extension to make it the full page.
  • Announcement: Agenda April 20th, 2017
    Good morning everyone! As discussed last class, everyone should be caught up by the end of the week and should have read up to chapter 13! For class today, 1. Watch Movie Projects 2. Read excerpts from Into the Wild 3. Introduction to Journaling- Chris McCandless's Page 4. Create your own journal using   Question for today's class: Do you think that Chris McCandless is a Transcendentalist?  Why or Why not? Find quotations and evidence from the book to support your answer. For those who need a refresher on transcendentalism, follow this link. 
  • Announcement: Agenda for 18 April, 2017
    Good morning, all, and welcome back. We will get things started with this brief assessment of your reading of Into the Wild. Then it is back to the ITC to screen your masterpieces! BTW, did you check out the "fun" image Dr. Starkweather put up for this course heading?  Good work, JS! Into the Wild trailer
  • Announcement: Agenda for 31 March, 2017
    1. Chapter 2 of Into the WIld 2. Back to the Masterpiece 3. Turning in Draft 02 of the Film Analysis 4. Spring Break Reading: please read Into the Wild through chapter 12.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 29 March, 2017
    1. Waste time on a masterpiece...[export & upload] 2. Waste time on a masterpiece...[turn in] 3. Chapter 9 Discussion and Quiz 4. HW: Read and annotate Into the Wild