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  • Announcement: Agenda for 21 May, 2018
    Good morning, everyone, and welcome back!  I hope you had a restful weekend. I look forward to hearing about it. 1. How was your weekend, and rescheduling the end-of-the-year party 2. Your last film for 2018.  Please upload your Cultural Festival film to Google Drive and turn it in here. 3. Modern Day Slavery Quiz; (to help you with the quiz, you might make a copy of this guide and complete it.) 4. Writer's Workshop: editing your research papers & preparing the presentation; 5. Creating your research presentations...your last project of the year! We will schedule them today.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 9 May, 2018
    Good morning, kiddos!  Today we are working on our research papers in a workshop format. 1. Let's begin with the first resource note-taking assignment.  I asked you to complete a double columned notes document in which you record your thoughts and ideas about a valid resource. Shehed, Bukola, and Tania did well on it.  Let them help you get it done today. 2.  Here is the second one I asked you to complete. Cynthia did a fine job on hers and can help you with it.    Both of these assignments close at the end of the week, and you may not turn them in after that. 3. When you have completed them and turned them in, you might want to check your progress on these assignments: .....a. Polishing your thesis statement .....b. Squaring up your outline .....d. Reviewing my comments on your D R A F T  O 1 4. Readtheory.org  What is our next quiz marker?  
  • Announcement: Agenda for 7 May, 2018
    Happy Monday, everyone!  1. I hope you had a great weekend, and I look forward to hearing about it first thing! 2. Let's do some house-cleaning: ...a. Did everyone complete record their speech in PNN?  We will upload them to DRIVE, and you can use the link to turn them in. ...b. How is your progress on Draft 01 in your research paper?  I have added Peer Review to it to help you all have a look at the work of your classmates. ...c. I hope that I have had a conference with everyone at this point.  If that is not true, please speak up. 3. Where do we pick up in readtheory.org? 4. Welcome to the PNN World Report!  
  • Announcement: Agenda for 3 May, 2018
    Good morning, all!  This is our last day of the week, so let's get to it. .5. Recording an interview in the PNN Studio 1. Field trip update. (Sorry Tasneem!) 2. I would like to continue our Goals Conferences today. 3. While we are doing that, one on one, you are making sure that you have turned in: .....a. Polishing your thesis statement .....b. Refining your note-taking document .....c. Squaring up your outline .....d. Submitting D R A F T  O 1 .....e. Then, after I have given you feedback on DRAFT 01, turn the next revision in for DRAFT 02 4.  Read Theory:  let's resume our work 5.  PNN World Report: let's resume our work there as well.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 27 April 2018
    Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is finally here. Today is the last day to complete the tasks under this weeks Module! Notice, I removed the speaking activities from the assignments tab...you're welcome! So far, I have everything graded and entered that I have. If you do not see a grade for something you already completed today, let me know! Mr. McNulty will not be looking at any of these assignments, so if they are not submitted by the end of today, they will remain a zero. So, please get them done and submitted today! The Agenda:  1. Finish the tasks for this weeks module: Grammar worksheet, 2 reading activities and 2 listening activities (I decided not to require the speaking activities) 2. REVISE!!! If I gave you a grade already, check the assignment. You CAN revise any assignments until the end of today AND receive FULL CREDIT.  Lastly, today is my last day with you all. I want you all to know that I am super grateful for the time I have had here with you all and thank you for welcoming me into this classroom. It has been a great experience for me.  May the odds be ever in your favor and the force be with you. May you live long and prosper.    
  • Announcement: Agenda for 25 April 2018
    Good morning everyone and happy Hump Day (Wednesday).  Today's Agenda:  1. Go to the google doc and next to your name, write the name of the two assignments that you are going to complete today. Choose two. Then, scroll to the second list. If you see that I have not written any assignments next to your name, please submit the missing assignments and write the name of them in the google doc as well. 2. Module For This Week 23 April through 27 April: Complete AT LEAST two tasks Remember, you are responsible for having two assignments from the module submitted each day! These assignments will be graded daily. You have a totally of 7 assignments to complete for the week. Therefore, make sure that you give yourself enough time to complete three one day.  By the end of today, you will have submitted FOUR of the SEVEN tasks, TWO from Monday and TWO from today! 3. Conference with Mr. McNulty: It is critical that you use your time well today and stay on task. Mr. McNulty will be taking you out of the room one by one to have a conference with you about your WIDA results and to set personal goals for future growth. 4. If you happen to be superman or superwoman and complete all of the tasks today, begin revising your mini-research paper.  May the force be with you!
  • Announcement: Agenda for 23 April 2018
    Top of the morning to you (good morning), welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and spent some time outside enjoying this awesome weather! Its time to get back at it!  This week you will have a number of "practices" to complete (7 to be exact). But don't fret (worry) just yet because you have some options!  Each day you will be responsible for submitting at LEAST two assignments. (two are due each day) In Modules, the options include the following: 1. The grammar and tense review (all must complete this one) 2. two listening practices 3. two reading practices 4. two speaking practices.  5. Work on your Mini-Research Paper! Remember, select only two of each under the assignment tab! Mr. McNulty and myself will be around to help! Good Luck A May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!
  • Announcement: Agenda for 23 April 2018
    Top of the morning to you (Good morning), hope you all had a great weekend and spent some time enjoying the awesome weather! Now its time to get back at it, so happy Monday!  For this week there are several "practices" that will be due! Read this carefully so that you can ask questions.  There are seven practices all together. Each day, you are required to submit at least TWO. One day, you will want to submit three, since there are seven. In Modules, you will complete the following: 1. grammar and tense review 2. Two reading activities 3. Two listening activities 4. Two speaking activities! Don't fret (worry), because you have some options! You will select two from each assignment tab and Mr. McNulty and myself will be around to help!  GoOd LuCk AnD mAy ThE oDdS bE eVeR iN yOuR fAvOr!
  • Announcement: Agenda for 19 April 2018
    Good morning! Hope you all are having a great week. We have made it through the Cultural Festival and now its time to shift gears. Here is what we are doing today: 1. Short Grammar Activity (Due today for a grade) 2. Review objectives and refresher on the mini-research paper 3. Mini-Research Paper  4. Check out Cultural Festival Photos!   
  • Announcement: Agenda for 17 April 2018
    Good morning all, hope you all had a great weekend and got some rest because today is a busy day. Today is the Cultural Festival, starting at 6:00 pm; so if you have not decided how you are going to represent your cultural background, make that your priority today. Then, think about who you can invite or how you can volunteer to help. Here is what is on our agenda for today: 1. If you have not already done so, Record your Script!!!!!!! 2. Cultural Festival Video Editing 3.  Cultural Festival Posters 4. If you are done with everything and have extra time, revisit your mini research paper and begin working on that again.  Lets get it done today!
  • Announcement: Agenda for, 13 April 2018
    Its Friday! Hope everyone has had a great first week back from Break. Today is a busy day; today is the last day to submit your scripts and to get your presentation recorded. So here is our to do list: 1. "Story Time"-Opener 2. Finish Script and SUBMIT! (Today is the last day to submit your written script. Remember, the written script is a REQUIRED submission and will be graded. If you have not already made this available to us through Google Drive, check your email. You have an email from Mr. McNulty, which you can follow to Google Drive and create a NEW document, LABELED your name, and PASTED your paper to). 3. RECORD! (The recording is also due today! Once again, if you would not like your presentation to be a part of the Cultural Festival Video, please let me or Mr. McNulty know. You are still required to submit to myself and Mr. McNulty the video; however, it will only be used as part of the project grade, and kept out of the Cultural Festival Video). 4. Check out the discussion board to confirm, change or cancel your commitment to bringing a dish of food on Tuesday, April 17th.   
  • Announcement: Agenda for, 11 April 2018
    Good morning everyone, hope your first week back is going well! Today we have a few things to cover: 1. Mini interviews: each of you will write two cultural questions and then be asked to speak to each student in the class and write down their responses. 2. Discussion: The Cultural Festival and the Community Connections Fair.  3. Script Writing: This is DUE TODAY! If you have not began recording today, your script must still be submitted by the end of the hour! 4. Recording: As soon as you are finished with your script, come find me or Mr. McNulty, so that we can get your script recorded. This will be edited on Friday! All recording MUST be done by Friday! Important Note: If you are not sure about what types of dance, food or music are traditional to your country, you can look it up! Do a little research! However, REMEMBER, you are not allowed to copy and paste information. Make it YOUR OWN WORDS, and CITE the information. To cite information you can go to easybib.com! Ask one of us if you need help.
  • Announcement: Community Connections Fair
    Good morning, all. In addition to the Cultural Festival next Tuesday night, the PHM-ENL Department is hosting a Community Connections Fair next Saturday, April 21st. at Walt Disney Elementary School.  Here is the flyer: Community Connections Flyer.pdf Ms. Wolfgang, Ms. Fleetwood, and I will all be there, and we hope you can come too.  It is an excellent opportunity to get involved.  We hope that you choose to do so.  Please speak with your parents about this event.  We will hand out flyers today as well.  Also, please  fill out this form to let us know if you can come. We hope that you can!  Thanks!  -Mr. McNulty   Loading...
  • Announcement: Agenda for 28 March, 2018
    Good morning, kiddos! Ms. Fleetwood will be running the class today, and she will help you get your essential work done. 1. Every one of your papers should have a main argument, a thesis statement.  Please copy and paste your thesis statement into this assignment so that I may read it.  I gave you a couple of examples in the assignment. 2. How is your DRAFT 01 coming along?  I hope that you have a couple of pages of writing by now.  It does not need to be complete by the end of this week, but I would like you to turn in a draft that has at least 300 words in it.  At the end you should have two or three sources listed.  And finally, there should be quite a few quotes from those sources in your writing.  Read more in the instructions to the assignment. 3. Writers' Workshop:  Ms. Fleetwood is going to try to work with each of you today as you write DRAFT 01; if she does not get over to you, try sharing it with me, and I will try to give you some feedback from afar. 4. Read Theory Update There will be no quizzes until after spring break, but there will be one the week we get back, so please do a couple of quizzes everyday. Hope you have a restful spring break. I will see you soon. Mr. McNulty  
  • Announcement: Agenda for 20, March 2018
    Good morning, kiddos, and welcome back! 1. Introducing Ms. Fleetwood 2. How was the weekend? 3. Here is your Readtheory.org update; please note the change, and let's chat about that. 4. In the Simple English vocabulary practice, get this assignment done if you didn't already.  If you did, then please share a screenshot to turn in this assignment. 5. Did you read the paper this morning? Here is a little something from the funny pages... 6. Research model paper. Please take a look at this sample research paper.  Let's discuss and annotate. 7. Chatting about:  Cultural Festival
  • Announcement: Agenda for 5 June, 2017
    Good morning, kiddos.  Let's take care of two things: 1. Mindplay.  This is the last week to get all of your hours complete. 2. Venezuela in Crisis. Let's read about Antonio's homeland and get background info from him. Then, let's take a quiz on our newly acquired information.  Please take notes in your journal.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 30 May, 2017
    Good morning, and welcome back.  I am at work at Schmucker Middle School today, so I will not be joining you. Please run class as we normally do according to Mr. Laidig's directions. 1. In-class discussion about your weekend; 2. When you are done chatting, please write your same stories this discussion.  Be sure to respond to two other people. 3. ESLReadingSmart.com:  please read "Shoes for the Rest of My Life" and do the corresponding activities. We will prepare a game for Thursday's class. 4. Mindplay. Please complete 30 minutes of Mindplay exercises.
  • Announcement: The Necklace
    Please read The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant for homework.
  • Announcement: The Last Leaf Summary
    Please complete this writing assignment about O. Henry's The Last Leaf.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 17 May, 2017
    1. Let's plan tonight; please see my note. 2. Let's take care of Mindplay; 3. Let's read this story together. 4. Shania and I are working on a Kahoot for this story!
  • Announcement: Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!
    B2 only!  We are gonna have a little party tomorrow morning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Here is what we are bringing: McNulty-7 layer dip and chips Tania- horchata and rice and maybe some candy Deyni-enchiladas Shehed-an Arabic dish Dr. Starkweather-Chips and Salsa (with anchovies on the side) Lovepreet-cookies What can you bring?  Please REPLY to this note and tell us what you can bring. Thanks, Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Come out and support Los McSinghs tonight!
    Good work in class today, kiddos! You did a great job getting our recordings done.  I am very pleased. Tonight, our ENL Dodgeball team, Los McSinghs, will be playing at 7:30PM.  If you can come out and support the team, that would be great!  Who knows, maybe you can play too.  If you are thinking of playing, wear a GREY shirt. That is what we are wearing.   Have a good night,  Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Your Homework tonight
    Hi, folks! Please complete this assignment in time for tomorrow's class. Thank you, Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Cultural Festival Questionnaire
    Hi there! I am hoping you can fill out this survey so that we can plan your Cultural Festival for next Friday night.  Next week we will work on the videos we will be recording. Thank you, and have a nice weekend! Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for 7 March, 2017
    Good morning, folks. I hope you are all well. I am in Indianapolis this morning, but I will be back on Thursday. 1. Let's begin with meeting two new students, Emmanuel & Margaret. They are from Nigeria.  Please introduce yourself to them and make them feel welcome. Harpreet, if you don't mind, show them how to navigate their Chromebooks after you all get to know each other. 2. With Mr. Laidig directing the class, you might begin with a conversation about how your weekend went. Also, how did ISTEP go?  When you are done talking about your weekend, please tell me about it here. 3. Remember that story we read about the Pledge of Allegiance? I would like you to take a quiz on it here. You can use the magazine to help you complete the quiz. 4. When you complete the quiz, please return to your Saving the World research project. Write me a quick update on your project here. You should still be taking notes on your research. You can also start preparing your slide show today. 5. Finally, please finish the class with some work on Mindplay. Have a nice Tuesday. I will see you tomorrow. -Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for 1 march, 2017
    1. Please complete this writing. 2. Take a look at my note-taking; you are doing the same. 3. Find stories at Upfrontmagazine.com
  • Announcement: Agenda for 23 February, 2017
    Fixing problems and saving the world begins today in this module.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 9 February, 2017
    Good morning! Here are a few items for today: 1. Welcome, Thanh Ho!  We are happy you are here! 2. We are planning a party for G4, 2/14/17.  Can you attend? Let me know. 3. We will take a new look at Mindplay. Please complete 20 minutes today. 4. Should Penn have a Dress Code? Let's find out here. Please read aloud with Mr. Laidig (you can use the magazines in the classroom if you want).  Then, let me know what you decide here. 5. After you finish that writing, please spend the remainder of the class on ESLReadingsmart.com.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 26 January, 217
    Good morning to you all! 1. Let's start today with a little bit of writing.  Please answer honestly and with details. 2. After the written discussion, please work on Mindplay (Links to an external site.). By tomorrow night, at midnight, you should have your 2 hours in. Please work on it for 30 minutes today. 3. Finally, finish the class by working in eslreadingsmart.com (Links to an external site.). Log in, navigate to your path, and continue your work. When you have THREE lessons complete, please take a screenshot and post it to this assignment. (Remember, you are looking for a story you would like to cover as a class.  You can go back to the discussion and post your suggestions.) Good luck! Have a nice weekend. I will see you on Monday. 🙂 -Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for 24 January, 2017
    Good morning, all. I hope you are doing well today. Here are a few things I would like you to accomplish.  1. Mr. Laidig and the Substitute will work together in class today. Please begin with a discussion about your weekend. Mr. Laidig will lead it. 2. After the discussion, please work with Mindplay. By Friday, at midnight, I am going to ask you to have 2 hours of Mindplay work in. Please work on it for 30 minutes today. 3. Finally, finish the class by working in eslreadingsmart.com. Log in, navigate to your path, and continue your work. When you have THREE lessons complete, please take a screenshot and post it to this assignment. (Shania & Tony, you have posted your certificates, but I am more interested in seeing your completed lessons.) Good luck! Have a nice day today. I will write to you again for Thursday's class. Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for 2 June, 2017
    1. Reading Venezuela in Crisis. 2. Taking this quiz.
  • Announcement: Cultural Festival Media
    You will find our images and film here. Please add your photos and movies here. Use these images in the thank-you letter we are asking you to write. Good luck! Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Come out and support Los McSinghs tonight!
    Tonight, our ENL Dodgeball team, Los McSinghs, will be playing at 7:30PM.  If you can come out and support the team, that would be great!  Who knows, maybe you can play too.  If you are thinking of playing, wear a GREY shirt. That is what we are wearing.   If you cannot make it, then please finish your Cultural Festival writing. We will be recording that first thing tomorrow.  We got many recorded today, and we need to finish them tomorrow. Have a good night. Hope to see you at the PHS main arena. Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Cultural Festival Plan
    Good work today, kiddos!  I think we have some real energy going into next week's cultural festival.  Though we generated many good ideas, we did not get them down.  Please use this form to help Dr. Starkweather and I organize our plan. Next week, we will start putting it all together.  In the meantime, fill out this form. Also, get this presentation done so we can record you in the PNN Studio. Have a nice weekend! Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for 13 April, 2017
    1. Cultural Festival: Julia & Kelly 2. Cultural Festival Folder 3. Your Cultural Festival Video begins with this presentation. Because we represent so many cultures, we will be making a film that represents them all. Use this  
  • Announcement: Agenda April 11, 2017
    Hi Kiddos!!  I hope everyone had a great spring break and welcome back to your favorite class 🙂 1. Catch up and talk about our spring breaks. 2. Review the article and respond to the discussion question. 3. Review the our principles and responsibilities as journalists.  4. Start working on our World News Report.     
  • Announcement: Announcement March 31, 2017
    1. Review the article Walled Off?  from the latest edition of Upfront Magazine (Links to an external site.)  2. Catch up on any World Reports that you still have to finish! Please do not forget World Report #5; of course, if you have not completed #4, better get that done too! 3. For Friday: be sure to review this article on Immigration (Links to an external site.); bring a charged Chromebook; Check out this video discussing the issue of the Wall be ready to write a news report for Mr. McNulty's spring break trip to Arizona; using this template be able to log in at pennnewsnetwork.wordpress.com (Links to an external site.) See ya all on Friday, Mr. McNulty & Mr. Starkweather
  • Announcement: Agenda for 27 March, 2017
    1. The new Upfront Magazine is in! Let's start with the funny pages! 2. Please do not forget World Report #5; of course, if you have not completed #4, better get that done too! 3. For Wednesday: be sure to read this article on Immigration; bring a charged Chromebook; be ready to record one of your World Reports; be able to log in at pennnewsnetwork.wordpress.com See ya all on Wednesday, Mr. McNulty & Mr. Starkweather
  • Announcement: Agenda for 20 March, 2017
    Welcome back! 1. PNN World Report #5 is ready to be written; 2. Crafting the PNN-WR image on the About page; 3. Publishing old stories, building your portfolio; 4. Production: three stories today...if we can.
  • Announcement: Agenda for 6 March, 2017
    Good afternoon, folks.  I hope you had a good weekend. I am in Indianapolis today, but I will be back on Wednesday. Let's tackle a few things before today's final bell rings. (Tram, please share this agenda with the Sub.  Thank you! -Mr. McNulty) 1. Please take this quiz on the Pledge article we read last week.  You can use the online text if you like. 2. Please check your grades. Look at scores for January, February, and March. What is the average? How can you bring them up? Which assignments need your attention? 3. Please finish editing your show in Adobe Premier and turn it in according to the instructions today. 4. HW: Please read "North Korea vs. the World." Be ready to take a quiz on Wednesday. Good luck! Mr. McNulty
  • Announcement: Agenda for Valentine's Day, 2017
    1. World Report Story #4, World Report Show #3 2. Recording PNN World Report Segment  3. THE ALL NEW and REALLY SUPER MINDPLAY! 4. HW: Should Penn have a Dress Code? Let's find out here (Links to an external site.). Please read aloud with Mr. Laidig (you can use the magazines in the classroom if you want).  Then, let me know what you decide here. 5. Spare time? Spend it here: ESLReadingsmart.com (Links to an external site.). 6. 2:45PM- Valentine's Day Partay!
  • Announcement: Agenda for 10 February, 2017
    1. World Report Story #4, World Report Show #3 2. THE ALL NEW and REALLY SUPER MINDPLAY! 3. We are planning a party for G4, 2/14/17.  Can you attend? Let me know (Links to an external site.). 4. Recording PNN World Report Segment 4. 5. Should Penn have a Dress Code? Let's find out here (Links to an external site.). Please read aloud with Mr. Laidig (you can use the magazines in the classroom if you want).  Then, let me know what you decide here. 5. After you finish that writing, please spend the remainder of the class on ESLReadingsmart.com (Links to an external site.).
  • Announcement: Agenda for 8 February, 2017
    1. ESLReadingsmart.com (15 min) 2. Mindplay (15 min) 3. Reading Upfront Magazine, current issue 4. Cellphone Break 5. World Report Story #4, World Report Show #3 6. THE ALL NEW and REALLY SUPER MINDPLAY! 7. Party Planning 8. EJ's Video 9. Teacher leads us in song!
  • Announcement: Agenda for 6 February, 2017
    1. Journey84 Film 2. Please complete film discussion. 3. ESLReadingsmart.com 4. Cellphone breaks
  • Announcement: Agenda for 2 February, 2017
    1. Recording Segment 5 (Group 1) 2. Writing Segment 6 (Group 3) 3. Shooting Segment 5 (Group 2) 4. Training (Group 4) 5. Recording Segment 6 (Group 3) 6. Shooting Segment 6 (Group 2) 7. Writing Segment 7 (Group 4) 8. Training (Group 1)