The PNN news desk is one of four sets in the PNN Studio. Students use the news desk more than any other set because of its its primacy.

The Penn News Network (PNN) began as a student project in the academic school year, 1994-1995 (three years prior to my arrival).  A group of students saw the need for a student voice at Penn High School, and they made it happen.

I began working with these students in 2001, and since that time I have tried to help them maintain a consistent student voice across media.

In the PNN Newsroom and Studio, secondary students craft messages about their school and the people who attend it.  They write for the PNN website, they publish a weekly news show to Youtube, they publish news packages to Youtube, they maintain and edit digital signage in the hallways of Penn High School,  and they keep students updated through social media.

Canvas, by Instructure, is the LMS that I use to manage each of my classes.

The class is organized through Canvas, a learning management system from Instructure.  Instructional modules, assessments, communication, production calendars, and more are organized through this LMS.

If you have questions about this class or how I run the class through Canvas, please use the contact form below to get in touch.